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In its continuous efforts to promote the use of the ARIPO route in the protection of intellectual property rights in Africa through direct engagements with the users, on October 10, 2016, the Director General of ARIPO, Mr. Fernando dos Santos met representatives of Italian IP firm Praxi Intellectual Property, SPA. With its headquarters in Turin, the IP firm has other offices in Genoa, Milan, Padua, Rome and Venice. Its activities are focused on all facets of intellectual property – patents, trademarks, designs, utility models and copyrights – including search procedures, registration and granting of rights, management of cases or actions aimed at preventing counterfeiting as well as economic and asset-related valuation of intangible assets.

During the meeting, Mr. Fernando dos Santos apprised Praxi Intellectual Property of the current trends of sustained economic growth and development in Africa and the opportunities this offers in terms of the need for protection of IPRs in that region. Bemoaning, the low numbers of applications originating from the Italian companies, Mr. dos Santos highlighted and explained the benefits of using the ARIPO route for the protection of IPRs in its Member States.

The parties explored the possibility of using the ARIPO route, the designation of ARIPO in the Patent Cooperation Treaty files and how they can promote the ARIPO system in Italy and Europe in general.

Praxi Intellectual Property, S.p.A was represented in the meeting by Giulio Crosetto, Partner and Chairman, Praxi Board; Mara Crosetto and Cesare Testore (partners); Marco Andreoletti, Managing Director; Elisabetta Lisa, IP specialist and Davide Cerrano, a senior officer.