Collective Management Organizations Meet at ARIPO to Develop Strategy for the Next Four Years

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A Strategic Planning Workshop for Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) is taking place at the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe from 20-23 June 2017 to come up with an action plan of CMOs involvement on copyright issues in Africa.
Organized by CISAC and ARIPO, the regional workshop is to inform and articulate on priorities, objectives and activities to be carried out in the next four years to sustain the development of CMOs in Africa.
“In the four days’ workshop, the CMOs will craft a roadmap to drive the development of royalties’ collection in Africa for the next four years,” says Mr. Samuel Sangwa, CISAC Regional Director for Africa.
“CMOs are at the heart of creative industries, they need the necessary focus to unleash the potential of creators and contribute to social-economic development.”
“The aim of the strategic planning workshop is to identify challenges, propose support and development of activities and put up a robust implementation mechanism, he adds.
According to ARIPO’s Director General, Mr. Fernando dos Santos, “this workshop is in line with the long standing cooperation with CISAC. ARIPO greatly supports and values such initiatives on copyrights and related rights systems.”
“Copyright works and it must work for all stakeholders, adds Mr. dos Santos.
ARIPO is hosting the workshop as the first activity within a framework of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in February 2017 between CISAC and ARIPO.
The workshop has brought together 10 representatives from CMOs in Africa, most of them from ARIPO member states.